Useful tips on decorating your house with fresh flowers

When there are fresh flowers in the house , your living space will be more lively and luxurious, especially this helps you relax with natural fragrance, the following tips will help you decorate your house with flowers without time-consuming.

Luxury living room

Living room is a place where your family as well as your guests talk and discuss anything and it is a place to show the lifestyle of the owner. So you should make impress everyone by placing a vase of colorful flowers in front of the house, this will help the house full of life, you can put two vases for looking more balanced.


For the types of bottles that have small and high mouth, you should plug stiff flowers such as roses, carnations, lilies, and gerberas. However, for bottles having mouth wide, you can plug in all kinds of flowers such as tulips,  molluscs  or other types of chrysanthemums. This flower arrangement style is suitable to put on the seating table.

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Simple ways to hang pictures impressively for your home

Pictures are the popular hanging ornaments in every home but it is not easy to make the house beautiful and impressive… Below are some simple ways for you to have a beautiful house with pictures and paintings.


1.Directly above the sofa

If you put sofa against the wall, hangings the paintings on the wall behind the sofa space is an effective way to make that empty space more beautiful. About the height to set this picture: If your living room is cramped and ceiling is low, you should hang the paintings above to “cheat” the room area. If the area is not a matter, it is best to hang paintings in both eyes. The best position for hanging pictures is a high span on the sofa.

2.Do not ignore the proportion between the sofa and painting

One of the most common mistakes many people make when hanging paintings above the sofa or sideboard is to select the wrong ratio. A picture is too small or too large compared to the sofa or sideboard will make the layout and furnishing of the room look silly. Therefore, you need to ensure picture having minimum size 2/3 the size of a sofa or sideboard. For example, almost three-meter long sofa, the painting hanging above it should have nearly 2m width.

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Some tips on choosing trees for your home

Plants are the choice of many families in order to create green spaces as well as making your home more beautiful. However, may people do not know how to choose trees ensuring.

Plants have to have appropriate the height and width to the room. It is not good when the plants are too big or too small. Typically, the most green area in the room cannot exceed 10% of the room, if that the room creates the spacious feeling, avoid being cramped for space.

Choose plants that are appropriate to the amount of light. According to experts, the most important thing to consider when buying green trees is the light needs of the plants more or less. Almost all green plants prefer light, but some species can grow in the shade, in low light. So the first step you should to do is to determine the level of light your living space receives, and choose the suitable species of tree.

The windows in the south provide the most light, so this is the perfect location for an indoor display of greenery. Even if you put the pot away from the windows, they still get the amount of light needed. The windows in the east offer a good amount of light in a few early morning hours. You should choose plants need moderate light and put them near a window. The windows in the west also provide a good amount of light, but in the afternoon. This means they need warmer light. You should choose plants need moderate light and can withstand strong sun. The windows in the north provides light at least. You will need to find trees require less light and put it near a window.

If the home environment is less light, so you should not select the plants need more light.

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