Safety check around your home

Is your home safe!? Many people do not sure about the answer. In the previous article, we show you how to make a safe home for children . But there is a fact that around a house always exist a lot of dangerous causes making accidents. So, if up to now you have not checked around your home yet, you should make it done now. Here we give you some guides to do that.

  1. There are no flexes on your floors

When we repair something such as lights, air-conditioner, fan, etc. we must use electric wires; or in many cases we have to use different kinds of wire. The problem is that we usually forget to make the floor clear of trailing flexes after finishing our work. It results in that our children, even ourselves, trip over them. So, always keep the floor clear.


  1. Don’t overload sockets.

This is one of most popular causes  of fire hazards. You should equip enough sockets depended on your demands. You can also use an extra adapter on a lead. As for electric-eatting devices like fridge or washing  machine should be plugged on a single socket.


  1. Keep furnitures in order.

To avoid impacting, you should arrange home furnitures in such a way that your moving can be easy.


  1. Don’t let your home clutter.

A lot of sundry items scattering around the home, on the stairs, on the floor can cause a trip for you and family’s member. Also, in such a condition, fire will spread more easily, especially if there are many newspaper and magazines lying around. You can also read the article of guides on safety for particularly place of your home to get more infomation (4.)

cluttered home 2

  1. Remember lighting the stairs and somewhere dark in home.

Stairs are places where someone can take a false step in dark,  especially old people. So make sure that the stairs in your home have good lights attached.


  1. Make sure that your carpets are always in good condition

A fact you may ignore that worn-out mats and rugs can cause slips. So replace them with new one if you, after considering, see that they are worn-out.


  1. Get a step ladder as soon as possible.

Sometimes there are acts requiring you to reach something high-up, such as replacing a light bulb or hanging a painting on wall. That is time you need a step ladder. Don’t risk your heath with a chair or something similar.


In some countries 24-hour response centres are available which help you to deal with cases of fall. If you feel unsafe or fall, contact with them immediately to get help.


  1. You should have a list of emergency phone numbers for each phone in the home.

The list such as the picture below will include phone numbers of safy and security agencies such as police, albulance, fire department, etc. Besides, in the list should have your close friends, relatives and anyone you think necessary.

  1. Check gas appliances gradually.

This will help you to know whether your appliances still work well or not. This is very important because gas appliances can make serious accidents. The check should be carried out by specialist. If you are a house-renter, the lessor may require you checking at least once a year for gas appliances you use in the house. If you are the house-owner, you should do the same thing.


  1. Apply a carbon-monoxide

Carbon-monoxide is a colorless, smellless gas but a killer. Those who get infected by this gas may have symptons such as thrill, cough, and retch. Carbon-monoxide may come from heating devices like fireplaces, wood-stoves if they are not in good conditions.


  1. When there is a caller outside the door, be careful.

You should equip a lock or a chain on the door. If some one call you from outside, these things may prevent them get inside the house without your agreement. If the caller is suspicious to you making any threats, call the police now.

The list above may a bit long, but these thing all are necessary for you to keep the home always safe. So don’t ignore anything recommended, if not you can be so sorry.