Simple ways to hang pictures impressively for your home

Pictures are the popular hanging ornaments in every home but it is not easy to make the house beautiful and impressive… Below are some simple ways for you to have a beautiful house with pictures and paintings.


1.Directly above the sofa

If you put sofa against the wall, hangings the paintings on the wall behind the sofa space is an effective way to make that empty space more beautiful. About the height to set this picture: If your living room is cramped and ceiling is low, you should hang the paintings above to “cheat” the room area. If the area is not a matter, it is best to hang paintings in both eyes. The best position for hanging pictures is a high span on the sofa.

2.Do not ignore the proportion between the sofa and painting

One of the most common mistakes many people make when hanging paintings above the sofa or sideboard is to select the wrong ratio. A picture is too small or too large compared to the sofa or sideboard will make the layout and furnishing of the room look silly. Therefore, you need to ensure picture having minimum size 2/3 the size of a sofa or sideboard. For example, almost three-meter long sofa, the painting hanging above it should have nearly 2m width.

Some tips on hanging paintings perfectly

You should hang on paper before to limit the mistakes. You can cut the paper in the shape of the picture and then post it on the wall with tape. This way, you will choose suitable way of hanging paintings without creating holes for nailing several times.

  • Hang big pictures to the left or bottom

When you hang many paintings one place, the visual balance between them is very important. When ranking pictures in teams, you should pay attention to hang the big paintings on the left and bottom. It will help create balance as human eyes begin to look from the left.


  • Hang the paintings scattered throughout the room…

The paintings on the wall may have difficulties when the walls, doors and windows split it up into many different parts. When hanging pictures around the room, you avoid hooking up high or down but hanging them in between.

  • Hang pictures in the bedroom

In the bedroom, you should choose a personal photo as family photos or your own images. If you plan to hang many pictures, you should choose the same tone, or is all black or all white.

  • Hang pictures in the kitchen

When hanging pictures in the kitchen, you should note the position for hanging paintings so they are not damaged by water or heat. You can book a table or painting near the wall away from the cooking area.

  • Note the size of the paintings with wall blank

When deciding to hanging pictures in the house, you should consider the wall space and the layout of the room arrangement(4). You should hang small paintings between the window and door. If your paintings are small in spacious area, they will look like submerged.

  • Pictures should match the style of the room

The layout of pictures should suit the room décor. The symmetrical paintings will fit the classic style and etiquette, formality. However, the asymmetry will bring modern style. Besides, the image and style of frames also affect your paintings. For classic-style room, you should choose the classic image and vegetation. However, the modern-style room, you should choose large abstract paintings.

  • Hang pictures before bookcases or other objects

Hanging pictures before bookcase is also a way to decorate the home. Alternatively, if not, you can also put pictures before other items instead of blank walls.

  •  Combine pictures with different decorations

Displaying pictures collection is a simple solution to make the empty wall cuter. However, to make collections more appealing, you can combine it with decorative vases or plates… Firstly, you must determine the size of this collection. Then, it is a good idea to put the most beautiful things in the eye in the center. If you use many different photo frames, please spread them out to look not glitzy and frustrating.

  • Select the pictures appropriate with each indoor space

Firstly, you need to choose the type of pictures, photos suiting the space you want to decorate. You should choose paintings, pictures of food, fruit would be suitable for the kitchen; pictures about nature or family is good for the living room or the bedroom.

  • Add some decorative details

Everyone wants to hang the paintings that can show the personality, taste and their creativity. Therefore, after completing the paintings, you should coordinate them with some more details like furniture, flowers in order that your space will be more beautiful. In addition, the little details also express your personality.

The paintings, decorative pictures may vary but they should have common points overall. It may be similarities in color, style or design, picture frame … It depends on the context, tastes or needs that householders can choose a reasonable detail to ensure uniformity.