Six ways to save electricity in the kitchen

When you do not close lid when boiling water, use false size for pot compared to fire split tray, open and close the refrigerator door continuously … are the ways you throw money out the window because of wasting electricity.

Kitchens are the heart of every family, but it is also a place where you have to consume the most power. However, you should know the fact that electricity savings in this area is much easier than you think and you do not  need to replace any device.

  1. Use LED light

This is one of  the most power-saving lamps now. This type of light will help save your money,. In addition, LEDs also help your kitchen cooler during the hot summer months because it does not generate much heat. Imagine that a  incandescent light bulb can cause you to spend five thousand, a Led only cost you two thousand. Average incandescent bulbs have a life expectancy one year, while LEDs can reach 23 years.


  1. Change your  cooking habits


The cooking habits are not good,  which  is a major cause electricity waste, such as:

  • Close and open the door of the oven frequently
  •  Do not close the lid when boiling water
  • Use the pots having wrong size compared to the  fire  split rim (e.g. use of pot diameter 12 cm on wheels diameter 16 cm split fire will waste more than 40% of the heat generated)
  • Use the oven with convection (with fan ventilation) instead of convection oven can not.  It will save over 25% energy due to shorter cooking time
  • With small meals, you should consider using the microwave instead of the stove heat with, can save up to 80% energy.

  1. Use manual meat grinder instead of power grinder 

Manual meat grinder is a type of meat grinder to be gripped  to the table, not self-standing machine. Machines for families with needs not too large chopper; which is suitable for those  who used infrequently. This tool bring your family some benefits. They are:



  • No power waste
  • Meat grinder is  compact and convenient for you to easily get delicious food from the meat grinder.
  •  It is easy to use with sharp blades.
  • When finishing grinding, you can remove to clean without affecting the body of the tool.
  • It does not only grind all types of meat but it also grind crab, dried foods, other wet foods.

Specially, handful meat grinder can grind food any time when needed without fear of a sudden power outage. In addition to energy savings, a more good features that many housewives like to use it is that  believe that when grinding is complete, easy to clean the machine. They can remove different parts such fuselage, meat grinder, knife grinder to clean. Click here to choose the best meat grinder.

  1. Use the refrigerator wisely

Do not forget to close the refrigerator door as quickly as possible to maintain the cold temperature inside. Every time you close – open  the refrigerator, it has  to work more power to cool the inside and maintain a constant temperature. In addition, you need to make sure the drawers are full of items  to reduce the amount of warm air and humidity inside the cabinet space.

  1. Use the power saver button on your home devices

Most devices have the “economic” and power saving functions. You should use these functions to be beneficial. For example, you can  remove the “dry heat” on the dishwasher, because it causes great electrical losses. Instead, you can dry bowls  by natural wind.

  1. Unplug appliances when being not needed

You may be surprised to know that  the small appliances such as  toasters or coffee machines consume  how much energy when you do not use but still in standby mode. Reduce this expenses by unplugging the electrical equipment when you not use them.

  1. Clean the hood

A grimy hood will take longer to ventilate, which results that the kitchen will warm and cooling equipment will have to work harder.