Useful tips on decorating your house with fresh flowers

When there are fresh flowers in the house , your living space will be more lively and luxurious, especially this helps you relax with natural fragrance, the following tips will help you decorate your house with flowers without time-consuming.

Luxury living room

Living room is a place where your family as well as your guests talk and discuss anything and it is a place to show the lifestyle of the owner. So you should make impress everyone by placing a vase of colorful flowers in front of the house, this will help the house full of life, you can put two vases for looking more balanced.


For the types of bottles that have small and high mouth, you should plug stiff flowers such as roses, carnations, lilies, and gerberas. However, for bottles having mouth wide, you can plug in all kinds of flowers such as tulips,  molluscs  or other types of chrysanthemums. This flower arrangement style is suitable to put on the seating table.

Stylized decoration for more harmonious kitchen

In this area, there are many locations to decorate your house with fresh flowers. Maybe on a table, tools shelf, doors or on the refrigerator. You also do not need to buy the too expensive flowers but can buy the popular flowers as fragrant roses, types of daisies and use simple vase.

Another hint of floral art that is extremely easy is that you can fill a 2/3 glass bowl or art bowl and then drop into small daisy flowers or colorful petals are disconnected. If dropping flowers into glass bowl, you can drop more boulders down for more lively.

There is a note when placing fresh flowers on the table you should remember is that because their colors are stimulating food like red, purple, pink, you should avoid blue, as they will make you lose inspired dining. However, remember that flowers must have leaves. Thus, the kitchen space will be more harmonious.

Green space for bathroom

Typically, many owners want to decorate the house  beautifully, they focus on investing in the living room and dining room and forget one thing that the  bathroom is also very important in everyday life. Especially for those who must often work in areas of high pressure. Therefore, creating a green space in the bathroom will be useful for your health.

These small pots or lovely vases of fresh flowers are placed in the bathroom will be a great Spa space helping you relax after a hard working hours. When choosing plants, you should prioritize the small plants that is easy to live and do not require a lot of light for growing in the bathroom.

It is advisable to choose local plants, vines, trees, or wire dropped. The green tree will make your bathroom much cleaner and cooler. In addition, you can put a few twigs in the bathroom to create fragrance in the air. Just a little change in home décor, you can bring the green space into your family.

Romance in the bedroom

Bedroom is a very special place for rest, sleep and even romance. Thus, you also need secret to decorate this room with fresh flowers. To create space for relaxation, warm, you can choose gentle flower jars, matching the style of the wall and the blankets, pillows, bed…

Romance in the bedroom

You should avoid picking the flowers that should not be placed in the bedroom because it affects the health, such as orchids, fleur-de-lis as they emit a scent during the night, so they easily makes people excited too high or flowers such as coniferous, hydrangeas by the scent of this kind stimulates the stomach and intestines strongly. They do not only affect the eating, but also can make pregnant women feel heart annoying, attention disorders, chest pain, nausea.


If you do not want to put flowers, you can plant tree in your house. However, you should  choose the compact trees that are  able to live in the shade, without overwatering like ferns, grass orchid genera, needle fortune … Some plants: cactus , life … also can be grown in the bedroom. However, you should place them near windows or frequently bring them to light.


On special days, you can decorate to make your house more beautiful and romantic. with flowers, candles and wine. If you have time, you can use the petals to arrange in a heart shape or your lover’s name, and if not, you just need to spread the petals softly on padded surface, this will certainly you’re your marriage life more durable and much more warmly.


With these tips on how to decorate the house beautifully, hope you will manually design for family an unique, elegant and sophisticating space.