Which Brands Make The Most Affordable Cordless Drill?

In this rating and review of cordless drill, we will recommend you to choose the best drill with 12 volt and 18 volt rechargeable battery for your consideration.

The cordless drill could be one of the most flexible and popular power devices all around the world. When it comes to any household tasks, you will probably need the support of a device which could both drive screw as well as drill hole.


With various 12 V and 18 V versions in the market, it is not unusual for some people to spend a large amount money on a bad drill. This is the reason why we have collected all the useful information to find out which manufacturers have the best cordless drills for the money.

Now that you have known what to consider, the followings are our reviews and suggestions for 12 volt and 18 volt cordless drill.

The below drill suggestions that we are offering are based on prices, brand recognition, durability, and actual customer reviews.

The Best 18 volt Cordless Drill For The Money

Dewalt DC970K-2 drill and driver equipment with 18 volt battery

The Dewalt DC970K-2 is greatly flexible and provides you professional and exceptional quality with an acceptable price. The twisting force is suitable for a wide variety of screwing or drilling tasks. In addition, it is really well made, and the 18 volt battery also holds the charge for a longer time.

Typical features:

Light and flexible to work in confined space.

Drill and drive for various tasks in a lot of materials.

Engine provides 380 W energy and 0 to 450 or 0 to 1500 revolutions per minute.

Consist of a money-back guarantee for 90 days, a free customer service for 1 year, and a limited guarantee during 3 years.

What you get

This kit set provides the 0.5 inch compact driver/drill with 2 18 volt batteries, 1 contractor bag and one charger for 1 hour.

The Best 12 Volt Cordless Drill For The Money

Porter Cable Compact Drill/Driver with 12 volt Lithium Ion Battery

Compact and cheap, the Porter Cable PCL1200DDC-2 is the most popular cordless drill with 12 volt battery. With lightweight and glossy form, it is definitely a perfect choice for working into confined environments, or practicing with overhead tasks.

Typical features:

Provide a compact design which is 7.5 inches in length and 2.4 lbs in weight, including the battery.

Two-pace gearbox to drill and fasten in high-speed.

Variable-pace trigger offers the best control for all tasks.

Changeable grip with 20 settings for drilling or driving.

Have integrated LED working light for operating in dark areas.

Limited warranty for 3 years, free customer service for 1 year, and money back guarantee during 90 days.

What you get

This kit set provides the compact driver/drill with two 12 volt lithium ion batteries, a charger for 30 minutes, belt hooks, and a storage bag.


Speaking of cordless drill, you will really get what you buy so consider clear of the budget of your cordless drill. With all above useful information, the typical users need to be able to find a well built and high quality drill for range price from 50 USD to 125.

The 12 volt and 18 volt cordless drills that we have mentioned above are what we consider to be the most affordable cordless drills in the current market. However, that is not to say there are not other famous brands and versions for sale too. When you consider to make a buying decision, we suggest you to use online reviews as they have the most useful and practical information.

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